Friday, April 01, 2005

Chatroom English (영어 채팅)

Looking for chatrooms to practise my Korean, I came across a few websites with Koreans learning (maybe more precisely, interested in improving their) English.
I've reproduced a couple of the messages here.
Being an English teacher, I can't help but question the rationale behind those replies.
한국어를 연습할 채팅들 찾으면서 영어를 배우는 (보다 영어능력을 좋아지기에 관심 있는) 한국인이 있던 웹사이트를 찾았다.
몇 메시지 여기 복제했다.
영어 교수이므로 이 대답의 이론적 설명을 질문할 수밖에 없다.

Question1 /질문1
I've studied English almost 2years and
I reckon I've tried hard,
but my listening isn't improving.
What can I do?

Response /대답
memorize many words every day -
it's good for your listening.

Another response /다른 대답
it takes time and money to acquire workable English speaking and listening skills.

Question2 /질문2
My level of English is very low. How can I improve it?
(문법적으로 맞는지 모르겠지만 그냥써봤어요!!)
[This might be grammatically correct. I just wrote it!]

Response /대답
If you study regularly, you'll improve.


And a few select comments. These are very telling, I feel. Herein lie most of the problems of the way languages are taught and studied in Korea. Most of the notices in the chatroom came across as lacking in self-confidence, uncertain how to go about learning a foreign language, envious of those who are more advanced, and obsessed - obsessed, I tell you! - with grammar and tests.
또는 몇 특선 주석. 제 소견엔 이건 아마 명시한다. 한국에서 언어를 가르치고 공부하는 방법의 문제가 이 속에는 보인다. 대부분의 채팅에 있는 게시들이 자신이 약하고 언어를 어떻게 배울지 불확실하고 더 고등의 사람을 부러워하고 문법과 시험에 (신심깊게도!) 사로잡힌다.

Comment1 / 주석1
It is my first time for visiting on english web site.
So I'm verynervous because my english ability is much poorer than other guys
who have written their life story on this board..
I know my writting ablity is poor, too.
But, I want to try writingin english over and over again..
So, I need your help..
If you find some mistakes in my sentences, you can correct and letme know what is wrong.

Comment2 / 주석2
My proposal is that I can achieve 600 points in TOEIC.
It is very useful to upgrade my poor eng. listening skill.

Comment3 / 주석3
I'm very poor at English.
I think everybody in this site is good at English.
So I envy you ㅠ_ㅠ
I want to get along with everyone~
plz correct my sentence's grammer problem.

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