Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Penang - part 4

I do like the weather on Yahoo. I just wish they didn't have Farenheit as the default. And I wish it was more reliable!

야후의 날씨정보 좋아하지만 디폴트가 Farenheit가 아니라면 좋겠다. 더 믿을 수 있기도 한다면 좋겠다!

Anyway, yesterday was somewhere between the 25 and 31 degrees but it felt warmer because - and this is what I was looking for - the humidity was 80 percent. It also said the next few days would be riddled with thunderstorms. Hmm. That hasn't happened yet. Today just seemed even hotter.

아무튼 어제는 25도와 31도 사이였고 더 따뜻해 느꼈다. (이건 찾고 있었는데) 습기가 80퍼센트였거든. 다음 몇 날간 뇌우(雷雨)가 많이 올 것도 야후가 말했다. 음.. 이건 안 왔다. 오늘 좀더 드거워 느꼈다.

I got up early and took a self-guided walking tour of Georgetown's attractions - lots of Chinese temples, mosques, European churches, colonial buildings, old hotels (including the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, where W. Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling and Hermann Hesse all stayed), a museum and art gallery. Thankfully, they're serious here about preserving their heritage.

일찍 일어나고서 Georgetown의 명소를 보고 보행관광을 했다. 중국 사원과 이슬람교 예배당, 유럽식 교회, 식민지 시대풍의 건물, 늙은 호텔 많고 (이 포함은 W. 서머셋 몸과 루댜드 키플링, 허만 헤서가 머무른 이스튼 언 오리엔틀 호텔), 또는 박물관과 미술관을 방문했다. 고맙게도 이 곳 사람이 자신의 유산(遺産)을 보존하기에 진지한다.

With Malaysia's tough laws on drugs -the death penalty- and prostitution -I hate to think!- there are none of the idiots who fuel the tourist trade in upper S.E. Asia. Just intelligent, fascinating people. A little like the travellers I met in the Philippines.

Also, the locals are very friendly and, call me lazy, they conveniently speak really good English! This means they can be friendly and helpful and you can be friendly too and really get to know the place well from a local perspective, making you feel at home.


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... and you can be friendly too...

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