Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Please... and thank you

It's interesting to note the ways different cultures approach manners.

Here in Thailand, I've heard a number of people say, "That's 50 baht, kha." Because 'kha' (fem.) / 'khrap' (masc.) is the polite sentence ending, they feel that leaving it out, even when speaking another language, would be bad manners.

I suppose in this example 'kha/khrap' is similar to the English word 'please'. Courtesy - simple but effective.

Well, I'm heading out of Thailand this evening. Though I do feel at home here, amidst the warmth of the Thais and a scattering of interesting travellers, it's a good feeling to be heading back. I have lots to do for the first few days what with finding a place to live, doing lesson observations and, most importantly, cathing up with a couple of very esteemed people...^^

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