Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Since picking up a cheap Sony DVD player from Hi-Mart a fortnight ago, I've been trying to cram a few movie-watching sessions into my busy timetable. A few recent ones of note:

2주일 전에 하이마트에서 싼 DVD플레이어를 산 후에 영화볼 몇 차례 내 바쁜 시간표에다 끼워봐 온다. 주목할 만한 최근의 것:

MaRathon [말아톤] - (Korea, 2005)
A funny and very enjoyable film somewhere along the lines of Rainman or Le Huitième jour [The Eighth Day]. When a loveable autistic guy (acted with surprisingly sincerity) learns to find self-fulfillment from running and signs up for the Chungcheong Marathon, his mother sets about getting his coach into shape.

The President's Last Bang [그때 그사람들] - (Korea, 2005)
Who would've thought you could make a comedy about the assasination of Korea's dictator from 1961 to 1979, Park Chung-hee? This isn't laugh-out-loud stuff, but it does clevery poke fun at the idiocies of the era and the people involved in the killing and its aftermath. The (rather slow) storyline follows the head of the Korean Intelligence Agency and his two closest aides through that inevitable day.

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