Tuesday, August 16, 2005

7 in 10 Singles Willing to Marry NK Women

From the Korea Times last week:

About 70 percent of South Korean single men are willing to get married to a North Korean woman, according to a local matchmaking agency Tuesday.

45.1 percent said that NK women are not as sophisticated as their South Korean counterparts.

28.9 percent cited their "natural beauty"

13.6 percent said that they would be more obedient to their husbands

Regarding the preferred place to take a North Korean woman on a date, 24.7 percent picked an amusement park, followed by movie theater and downtown.

In contrast to South Korean male singles, female singles in the South showed less interest in a North Korean spouse. Only 13 percent of female respondents said they would get married to a North Korean man.

Full article here.

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