Sunday, August 07, 2005

Delayed Reply No. 1

As a reply to the comment by Sebastian Koch on Korean metaphors and idioms, I know some of you out there are already familiar with the book How Koreans Talk. My copy's home in central England right now, but there's a copy at work I've been leafing through lately.

I have a feeling this is the book Sebastian was referring to: "Me han dicho, que en el Kyobo Bookstore se puede comprar un libro sobre frases hechas koreanas con explicaciones en inglés... Desafortunadamente no sé koreano." [I've been told you can buy a book on Korean set phrases from Kyobo bookstore. But unfortunately I don't speak Korean.]

Although I disagree with some of the transliterations in the book and most of the phrases come across as being rather negative, aggressive or resigned, it's a good collection. As usual though, the best way to pick up phrases/idioms like these is probably to actually talk to Korean speakers themselves.

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