Friday, May 20, 2005

Ubiquity / 편재(遍在)

Two quick questions for all the English speakers out there: how many times in your life have you heard the word 'ubiquitous' ('유퀴터스')? Oh, and how many of you know what it means? [영어 하는 사람를 위한 질문 하나: 평생에 몇 번이나 "유비퀴터스"란 단어를 들었다? 그리고 몇 명이 뜻을 이해한가??]

Think about it now. [좀 생각해 보세요.]

Here's the answer to the second one: "ubiquitous - adjective - /yu-BI-kwi-tus/ - being or appearing to be in all places at the same time; omnipresent" [뜻은 편재하는, 도처에 존재하는]

For those of you wondering about the reason for this semantic interrogation: [질문한 이유는:]

To coincide with the launch of the APEC conference in Busan, the city council, together with KT (Korea Telecom) and BEXCO (Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre) is trying to brand itself as the world's first "Ubiquitous City". Well, I suppose it will be, but... has anyone responsible for Korean marketing thought to hire someone with a firm grasp of English for an hour or so to go over their use of the language before they throw large sums of money at new projects?!

Is it just me or does it bring back memories of "Korea - the Hub"? (And isn't 'hub' such an attractive word?) Oh well.

It looks like we're going to be stuck with the "ubiquitous" label for the next 6 months, if the front page of today's Busan Shibo (Busan City News) is anything to go by. We'll also be seeing "U-medical services, U-education, U-administration and a U-environment".

Yes, I'm exactly as confused as you. [네, 나도 혼란스러워하네.]

What's wrong with "Busan - Universal City"? Look, same letter: you can still call it a "U-city"; no-one will notice! Change it now - or let it be filed away with other such advertising blunders as "Hi, Seoul" and Samsung "Digitall"!! ["유니버슬 도시 - 부산"이 안 될까?? 이봐, 똑같은 글자(U)인데. 그렇게 해도 U-도시라고 부를 수가 있네! 아무 사람도 깨달을 거네!...]

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