Sunday, May 22, 2005

FW: Missing Traveller

>>Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 19:47:52 +0100
>>This is an urgent request for your help.
>>We need this email to get to as many
>>people as possible and the hope is for it
>>to find its way to the Far East
>>where the likelihood of success is greater.
>>Eddie Gibson is a young man of 20 years.
>>He travelled to Vietnam during a "gap year"
>>in his education.
>>He has subsequently gone missing.
>>He was last heard of in November 2004
>>when he emailed his mother to say he
>>was planning to return to UK from Cambodia
>>on a flight due to leave Bangkok, Thailand on
>>1st November. He was last seen in Phnom Penn.
>>The British Embassy in Phnom Penh have all but
>>given up hope of his safe return. However his
>>mother has, quite rightly, not given up. She hopes
>>that forwarding this to people around the world
>>will result in some positive information as to Eddie's
>>Please help Eddie's mother, Jo Clarke, by sending this on.
>>email any news to:
>>or contact the BRITISH EMBASSY in Phnom
>>Penh (Tel 855 234 27124)
>>Many thanks

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