Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Adam's Awards... / 아담의 수여

... for contributions to Korean language learning among foreigners.
[한국어를 공부하는 외국인에게 도움주기로 수여]

Practical Korean Category
[실지 한국어 범주]

Best phrasebook [회화 편람]: Making Out in Korean

Runner-up for best phrasebook [차점 회화 편람]: Lonely Planet Korean Phrasebook

Best all-in-one course for beginners [잡화(?) 입문 과정]: Survival English by Stephen Revere

Best overall coursebook [과정 책]: Pathfinder in Korean (말이 트이는 한국어)

Culture Category
[문화 범주]

On Cultural Differences [문화차이에 대해]: Ugly Koreans, Ugly Americans

On the Koreans [한국인에 대해]: The Koreans by Michael Breen

Reference Book Category
[참고 도서 범주]

Best Vocabulary Help [언어 확장 도움]: Handbook of Korean Vocabulary

Best Grammar Reference [문법 책]: Korean Grammar for International Learners

Best Dictionary (on-line) [(온라인) 사전]: Yahoo Korean-English Dictionary

Best Dictionary (Korean-English, print) [(인쇄한) 영한-한영 사전]:

still open to nominations

Best Dictionary (Korean, print) [(인쇄한) 국어사전]:

still open to nominations

1 comment:

EFL Geek said...

There are some good choices there. I really enjoyed using pathfinder for the semester I studied at 이대.

It's been a real long time since I had looked at ugly Koreans - ugly americans I forgot I owned it. I do think it is a little dated and some of the info in it was wrong back in 1997, but overall a good book.

I think you forgot Culture Shock: Korea, which I found useful - though slightly inaccurate when I first came to Korea.