Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Penang - part 3

Today's events:

Took the local bus (the morning's "How about renting a scooter?" idea died an early death) to Kek Lok Si temple - a mildly theme park-like, large, colourful Buddhist temple with great views over Georgetown. (Photo courtesy of Tourism Penang.)

Then via funicular railway up the 700-odd metres of Penang Hill which seemed to take forever. The railway car was packed and noisy with a number of the island's nationalities and a sprinkling of tourists - pretty much an enjoyable moving zoo.

At the top, clouds were coming and going with rain in them, making the views over the edge at turns spectacular and then grey-white mist. We (an insightful English-Australian by the name of Justin and I) explored the surprisingly long Canopy Walkway

behind a group of Indian guys and girls who, out of sport perhaps, seemed to be trying to shake each other off!

And a stroll down the hill, which must be the longest 4 and half kilometres I've ever walked - soooo steep!

The bottom of the hill provided a super-sweet cup of tea and a not unsurprisingly slow wander around the botanical gardens with the joggers and monkeys having no trouble overtaking us. After which, we returned to the guest house and I found two long-term travellers to talk to about earthquakes and tsunamis and Belgian beer...


Satellite said...

Nice places. I'd like to see them. Eartquakes, no thanks. I have experienced a few of them and it's not pleasant. Belgian beer main subject of conversation in Penang?

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