Monday, October 24, 2005

A moment's relaxation - Korean films / 한국영화

OK, for no other reason than I need to take a bit of a break (and that, even living in Busan I managed to miss the famous Film Festival this year), here are my top 6 Korean films at the moment. I'll willingly take recommendations - I'd like to make this into a top 10. 지금 내 가장 좋아하는 한국 영화들은:

1 - <살인의 추억> English title: Memories of Murder
2 - <말아톤> English title: MaRathon
3 - <바람난 가족> English title: A Good Lawyer's Wife
4 - <엽기적인 그녀> English title: My Sassy Girl
5 - <스캔들> English title: Untold Scandal
6 - <올드보이> English title: Oldboy


Anonymous said...

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EFL Geek said...

반직왕 and Teach Me English are ones I would add to the list.

Brandon Anthony said...

Ack!!! Why does everyone like My Sassy Girl so much? The Female character is so messed up that it's amazing what the guy will do and what hoops he'll jump through to be with her. I guess that's part of the charm, but I still shake my head and ask why... this coming from the guy that loved the movie, Guns and Talks. I thought it was great, minus the ending. (It should have been cut at the part where they're standing around clapping for the shot made at the theatre.)

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

I like My Sassy Girl...and Untold Scandal! :)

One thing i don't like about Korean movie is, why always sad ending? Having said that, i still like Korean movie alot! Cheers!