Monday, October 10, 2005

Life of Pi / 파이 이야기

On Friday I finally finished my latest 'subway book', the book I've been reading whenever waiting for and riding the underground. Life of Pi. By Yann Martel. Quite, quite interesting. And despite everyone I've spoken to about it saying they didn't like the ending, it made me chuckle loudly for a good few minutes, which I always appreciate. (I was simultaneously thinking "That's so sneaky!" and "Fair play to him!") If you haven't read it, it's definitely worth a look.

금요일엔 마침네 최근의 내 '하절책'을 읽어버렸다. 얜 마텔의 <파이 이야기>다. 너무 재밌었다. 또는 이 책에 대해 얘기한 아무 사람이나 엔딩이 좋아하지 않았음에도 불구하고 나는 몇분 동안 웃고 있었다. (동시에 "은밀했네!"라고 "공정했네!"라고 생각했지.) 못 읽었다면 읽을 만하다.

*Favourite quote: the "sweaty, chatty Son" of God.*
*좋아하는 인용: 하나님의 "땀을 흘리며 잡담을 좋아하는 아들".*

*Favourite illogical quote: "Love is hard to believe, ask any lover. Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist. God is hard to believe, ask any believer."*
*좋아하는 비논리적인 인용: "사랑은 믿기 힘든데 아무 애인이나한테 물어보세요. 인생은 믿기 힘든데 아무 과학자나한테 물어보세요. 하나님은 믿기 힘든데 아무 신봉자나한테 물어보세요."*

And then pick up Martel's earlier book, Self, which I reckon is far more intriguing!
그러고 나서 흥미를 더욱 끄는 얜 마텔의 이전 소설인 <자아>를 찾아라!


Kim said...

I just visited your blog, and... I'm surprised that I'm not the only person writing blogs in more than a language! I am korean, living in Chile, and my english is not so perfect, so, I apologise if I made a mistake.

방금 Adam님의 블로그를 방문했어요. 저만 2개 이상의 언어로 블로그에 글을 올리지 않다니 신기하네요! 전 한국사람이고 칠레에 산답니다. 아직 영어가 그리 완벽하지 않아서 실수 했다면 양해 해주시길 바라요.

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Anonymous said...

Life of Pi is is intriguing and I thought it started brilliantly. When I reached the ending I felt let down, but I also thought-well, you twit, what else would you expect. It was worth reading the book in order to be disappointed by the ending. It's a book you won't forget reading!
Roger of Tamworth!!

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