Friday, July 08, 2005


7th July 2005

The first device exploded at 8.51am on a Circle line train between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street stations. Seven people were killed.

At 8.56am
a second device exploded on a train between King's Cross and Russell Square, killing 21 people.

At 9.17am there was another blast on a train at Edgware Road station which blew a hole through a wall into another train on an adjoining platform. Two other trains were affected and seven people were killed.

At 9.47am a fourth blast blew the top off a doubledecker bus in Tavistock Square, central London, possibly killing more than a dozen people.

I have nothing to say except to ask "Why?".

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Gumbi said...

Considering the factors here, London during morning Rush hour! Things could have been a lot worse. Which is why I find it hard to believe when they say it was Al Qaeda that was responsible.

First, I think they would have struck at the height of rush hour, not when it was starting to taper off.

Secondly, it seem that the terroists were trying to strike fear in the Londonits, but terrorists forget about the apathy of people and that soon this will be forgotten, in a small way at least. So they would have been planning for a larger net death (as sick as that sounds)

The forunate thing for the terroists is that terroism is never forgotten.

The why can not be answered!