Friday, July 15, 2005

Day off / 휴일

Time for a bit of me again.^^
나 자신의 때 다시 됐네.

Working 10 hours a day last week I felt absolutely shattered by the week's end, so this week, with my daily schedule down to a more manageable 9 hours, I'm trying to be a little more creative with my time.
지난주에 날마다 10시간의 일을 하기 때문에 주말이 되면 완전히 지쳤다. 그러니까 이번주 매일의 내 스케줄이 더 처리할 수 있는 9시간으로 내려서 내 "게으른 시간"(^_^*)을 최대한으로 활용해 보고 있다.

Yesterday, I met up with an ex co-worker who's big into rock-climbing and, borrowing a pair of snug-fitting climbing shoes from him, tried my hand on an indoor climbing wall for the first time.
어젠, 암벽 등반이 맘에 드는 전의 동료와 만났고 꼭 맞는 암벽등반 신발을 빌려 실내 암벽등반을 처음으로 시도했다.

This morning my forearms and fingers are moaning at me, but I enjoyed it a lot (my parents know what a monkey I was as a child) and am planning to go again soon.
오늘 아침에 내 팔뚝과 손가락이 약간 아프지만 (내 부모님은 전 어렸을땐 원숭이 같은 걸 알고 있지) 즐겨서 다시 해보려고 한다.

On an unrelated note, on the way to the institute just now my ex boss, a corrupt and contemptible man I had no intention of ever setting eyes on again, lurched past me near Bujeon subway station, not his neck of the woods. A shiver of disgust slid up my spine as I avoided his eye and strode past.


Julie said...

There is a wrong word that is"꼭 벗는(?)" . You should say "꼭 맞는".

Adam said...

Much appreciated, Julie! Thanks!^^