Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Korean name?

Yes, my Korean name is Yong Se-chan.
(Thankfully it's the same, no matter how you romanize it.)

After calling so many Koreans by an English name (far easier for westerners to remember), it's only fitting that I should reveal my Korean name. Most Koreans that I've mentioned this name to seem to think it sounds nice and gives a good impression, which is important.

The meaning?
龍 (용 룡, dragon) Yong, dragon, is fairly rare as a surname in Korea, but it does exist and I have in fact met someone with it. The choice was easy: the flag of Wales has a dragon on it, so...

世 (세상 세, the world)
贊 (도울 찬, help[s])

Because of Korean's subject-object-verb word order, the name in full means "[the/a] dragon [who] helps the world". A reference to my personal philosophy of being nice to others and also to my work as a teacher.

Written in Korean alphabet (han-geul): 용세찬

Written in Chinese characters (hanja): 龍世贊

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왕음치 said...

That's a great name. Much better than the one I've chosen, which does not function as a real name, but rahter is more of a descriptive anonymous internet name.