Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back to the wall

With a much more humane work schedule this month, I'm finally finding the time to get back into the pastimes I've had to desert for the past few months. This afternoon I followed the steep road behind the local Carrefour up to Mt. Hwangmyeong Sports and Leisure Park [황령산 레포츠 공원]. The YMCA centre there has a simple but adequate climbing wall, which a friend introduced me to. Free use too, as long as you can put up with the youngsters downstairs practising their choreography to a never-ending loop of dance music.

Round trip on foot from work - 1 hour, plus an hour or so on the wall. I'll be heading up there more often, methinks. (Especially if the weather stops hovering around zero and warms up a bit!)

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In-gyo said...

Wow~! You are long-distance racer. But I hope you don't walk too much in this severe weather. Coming spring, Let's go more good places!