Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fabulous Start to 2006^^

This has been a kick-ass month!

I love this feeling that I'm getting out of it and I've been getting plenty of positive feedback from the learners about it too! There's only one class that I'm a little concerned about that really haven't bonded at all – formal Korean social hierarchies... But they still manage to find enjoyment if I don't group the younger students with the older ones.

Back to the kick-ass front, my overall inspiration, creativity, motivation and enjoyment have soared this month. I’ve been trying new things, sharing ideas with colleagues,... I love it! This is why I love my work!^^

(Still, I do desperately need to get away from work more too – lousy work schedule for the past months.)

Update: 26th January, I've just been told by our so-called manager that the student evaluations this month (yes, the students rate their teachers on 10 basic criteria; odd, I know) are far lower than last month, when I was severely burnt out twentyfour-seven.

I've been getting excellent and uplifting feedback from the students verbally and without asking. I also got very positive comments from a useful 'How can I help you learn better?' form I got them to fill out at the two-week mark. [Compared to the other students in class, I feel I'm at the same level / more advanced / less advanced because... ; I feel my weakest points are... ; What I like about this class is... ; In class, I’d like to see more...]

I therefore find my "manager's" news highly suspicious. I'm asking to see the eval sheets for myself and next month I will be personally signing each and every evaluation sheet I hand out to make sure the numbers aren't subject to foul play.

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JIMI said...

학원일이 즐겁고 유쾌하다니
글을 읽는 저도 기쁘네요^^

pass card 잘 받았어요!
더 열심히 공부해서
회화실력을 쑥쑥 늘이고싶어요! :D

한달동안 재밌었고 즐거웠어요!
학원에서 또 봐요! ^^