Sunday, January 08, 2006

Appropriate Management

Gareth Morgan, a professor of organizational behaviour once commented that, Farmers don't grow crops. They create the conditions in which crops grow. This, as I see it, is the job of any good leader, coach, teacher, manager, conductor - to ensure an environment in which people can thrive at what they do and develop at a speed that fits them.

Albert Einstein, a man whose name is synonymous with intelligence, said, "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

And one more quote to drive the nail home:

Many years ago my friend Christopher was a junior manager at Yorkshire Water Company. He was asked by his line manager to visit a senior engineer at his home in Huddersfield. Chris knocked on the door and was invited in. "Would you like a cup of tea?" the engineer asked. While Chris waited for the kettle to boil in the kitchen, he looked out of the back window expecting to see a garden. Instead he saw row upon row of fish tanks, stacked one on top of the other, each filled with a different species of fish. "I didn't know you kept fish," said Chris. "Nay lad," replied the old engineer, "I don't keep fish, I keep water."

Now that's great leadership, if you think about it. - from HLTmag

At work, we have a monthly teacher evaluation system that allows our learners to voice their opinions of their teacher. Although a lot depends on how they feel towards the teacher personally rather than the quality of the teaching per se, I relish the feedback. I've realised that even if the ratings and comments ARE mainly based on their feelings, surely a large part of my job in the classroom IS based around feelings: if the learners can't find a personal connection with the teacher and the class and the language, how much can I really expect them to learn?


One thing is missing though: manager evaluations. Following a similar format to the teacher evaluation form, and for anyone who might want to use this, here's my proposed "good manager" evaluation form.

For each question give an answer from 1(never) to 5(always).
Please be an honest as possible.

01. Manager facilitates employees' work, empowering them to do their very best.
02. Manager recognises the value of employees and shows them respect and trust.
03. Manager is knowledgeable and capable.
04. Manager praises and gives credit where it is due.
05. Manager is fair and reasonable, not punishing employees unduly.
06. Manager recognises problems quickly and knows how to deal with them effectively.
07. Manager admits mistakes and recognises the value of them in striving for new highs.
08. Manager is open to new ideas, suggestions and questions - listens actively.
09. Manager is human and friendly, and helps motivate employees.
10. Manager maintains a positive and motivating attitude.

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