Thursday, March 02, 2006

Convincing Others

Students take a 'convince' card and have to persuade their partner (who plays the role of the person named on the card) to do the action on the card.

Convince your president to give you a million dollars.
Convince a good friend to swallow a goldfish.
Convince your grandmother to shave her head.
Convince a senior citizen to join a dance troupe.
Convince your brother to grow a beard.
Convince your teacher to buy you an elephant.
Convince a millionaire to wear a pink tutu.

The language they use to do this might involve anything from begging (Pleeeeease do it! Pretty Please!) to negotiating with conditionals (If you do it, I'll give you 20 dollars. How about it?) to threats (You'd better do it. Or else I'll... / Unless you do, I'll...) to advice (You should do this: it'll be a great benefit to your health!) to whatever else might spring into a creative human mind.

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