Saturday, December 17, 2005

Godawful December

Such a heavy workload this month. Considering the number of teachers we have, too many classes have been opened, and opened at times that make everyone's schedule ridiculously long and drawn-out. All of us teachers are feeling the strain - we're completely burnt out and more than a little p*ssed off. Our quality of life is not high right now.

In my case, it has sapped my energy and all but killed my personal relationships. I've been trying desperately to use what free time I can find to reaffirm relations, and this pressure is getting me down even more. (Sorry, my friends.) It seems a vicious circle. Things can't change soon enough.

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Hong Jimi said...

but thanks to u for first studying conversation. :)

(I am Hong Jimi :) 7:00am SLE 2A class)

and my blog address :

u r so good, best teacher!